My name is Alexis San Javier. I was born in Mexico, but I have lived in the USA, specifically Florida, for most of my life.

I grew up in Lakeland, and after graduating from High School, I attended the University of Central Florida. In 2017 I graduated with my BS in computer engineering. After graduation, I worked as a research technician and as an instructor at an after-school academy teaching children how to program micro-controllers.

As of recent I earned a certificate in full-stack web development from the University of Central Florida. I am skilled in React, MongoDB, and Node - with an emphasis on responsive web design and app security. I am currently seeking a full time role as a software engineer and I look forward to finding a team where I can leverage my technical and problem-solving skills to help build responsive, secure, and intuitive web applications.



A social media web application that allows users to comment on and create text-based posts. Built with jQuery, HTML, CSS, Node, Express, MySQL, and Sequelize.


Web application that auto generates user workouts based on exercise preferences. Built with React, Node, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, Passport, and Cookie-Session

Star Wars

A Star-Wars themed RPG built using HTML, CSS, and jQuery

React Books

Web application that implements Google Books API and allow users to search for and save book titles. Built with React, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose

Click Game

A click game built using React that is themed around Adventure Time